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7 Days of Battle Tested No Fluff, No BS, Techniques To Transform Your Confidence
  • Intro: Reconnect with your natural Confidence
  • Day 1: How To Transform Your Self Image
  • Day 2: How To Let Go Of Limiting Beliefs
  • Day 3: ​Reprogram Your Self Talk For Confidence & Success
  • Day 4: How To Silence the "Inner Critic"
  • Day 5: Become Unshakeable: How To Deal with Criticism From Other People
  • ​Day 6: Developing Healthy Self Love
  • Day 7: How To Be Fearlessly Authentic
Plus 6 Amazing Bonuses!
  • Bonus #1 The Confidence Blueprint eBook
  • Bonus #2 Productivity Hacks Training
  • Bonus #3 20 Best Quotes For Break Through Limiting Beliefs
  • Bonus #4 ​How To Deal With The Fear Of Failure
  • Bonus #5 How To Deal With The Fear Of Rejection
  • Bonus #6 Unshakeable Self Worth

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