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Learn the "Jedi Mind Tricks" To Silence Negative Thoughts, Dissolve Limiting Beliefs And Develop Unstoppable Self Confidence...

… In As Little As 7 Days
Join the Exclusive 7 Day Confidence Masterclass that Promises to Transform Anyone's Confidence In As Little as 7 Days... PLUS Get 6 FREE BONUSES That Show How Anyone Can Unlock Their Potential And Become Unstoppable!

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The 7-Day Confidence Masterclass reveals what most self-help courses don’t - how to unlock your authentic and confident self to achieve lasting change.
Imagine the freedom from living with a calm, clear mind and unstoppable, natural confidence.

Ready To Transform Your Confidence?

The 7-Day Confidence Masterclass was created to help those that wanted to see rapid, powerful and lasting change in their lives. It is for: 
  • Those who are ready to change their lives by transforming their confidence and to no longer be held back by any limiting beliefs
  • Those who have tried reading self-help books, scouring through courses, and maybe even attending seminars without the lasting results to show for it
  • Action-takers who want to learn how to launch themselves into the success they've always dreamed of
  • Those who have grappled with self-doubt, what-if scenarios, and fears
  • Those who want to squeeze more out of life and know that doing “OK” is not enough. 
If you want to learn how to step into being the person you’ve always dreamed of being and become the author of your life and call your own shots, then this Masterclass can show you powerful steps to help you get the next 7 days.
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Crack the Confidence Code

The Battle Tested Method To Unlock Your Natural Confidence

My name is Andrew Leedham.

For the past few years, I’ve shown thousands of men and women how to develop the UNSTOPPABLE MINDSET.

That includes confidence, mental clarity, productivity, happiness, purpose, and so much more.

I’m also an Amazon best-selling author.

And a father to two beautiful daughters.

But, just a few years ago, I went on an incredible journey that had an ugly start.

At the time it was a journey that I absolutely didn’t want. 
In fact I thought it was pretty much the worst possible thing that could have happened to me.

My marriage was over.

And I was facing a very difficult divorce.

I knew I would probably lose most of my access to my children, my home and almost everything financially.

But far more importantly, I had lost myself. I no longer knew who I was outside of my marriage, outside of being a father, outside of the world that was falling apart.

For so much of my life I'd had bulletproof confidence.

But, once thoughts of self-doubt took hold in my mind, I felt lost, a shell of the person I once was.
Those Thoughts MELTED My Confidence

But I knew…

If I wasn’t prepared for an intense divorce battle…

The consequences could be even worse.

So I was desperate enough to try anything.

And by destiny or dumbluck, I met two mentors who showed me the secrets to controlling my mind.

They showed me how to conquer my doubts...

And most importantly…

They Showed Me How to Unlock My Natural Confidence and Take Back Control Of My Life

They showed me the battle tested but little known secrets for unlocking the natural confidence we are all born with.

The techniques and mindset shifts that I could use anywhere to take control of my mind.

On demand.

No matter WHAT was happening in the external world.

I became permanently at peace.

Calm and clear minded.


And relaxed.

When I Applied These Secrets, a Few Crazy Things Happened

  • For the first time in years, my mind was calm and clear and filled with thoughts that helped instead of thoughts that harmed me.
  • I gained control of my world, instead of being pushed around by it.
  • I began living presently, in the moment. And gained all of the confidence, certainty, and happiness that came with that ability.
  • ​My productivity SKYROCKETED. No longer was my mental energy being wasted on negative thoughts. My mind was working FOR me, not against me.
  • The noise STOPPED and the success started
  • ​I was calm and confident knowing deeply that no matter what I would be OK.
  • ​I was rapidly moving toward the success I’d always pictured for myself
And It didn’t take months, weeks, or days for these changes to show up.
I noticed a difference within HOURS of applying these techniques.
Calm, relaxed, and at peace became my default state.

And whatever you’re dealing with… You can achieve the same.

So Now You’re Probably Wondering… How is It That You Increased Your Confidence Within HOURS!?!


We’re naturally primed for success.

We have natural confidence, happiness, joy, and mental strength within us.

So the key to achieving these incredible changes in such a short amount of time is rediscovering that natural success mindset.

This is not something you’ll find in self-help books…
But it’s something you can learn to do in the 7-Day Confidence Masterclass.

Here’s Your Chance To Discover The Groundbreaking, Fast Track Method To Unlocking Natural Confidence and Becoming Unstoppable!

This is the first time I’m revealing this kind of information to the public.

I’m giving away every trick, strategy, and mental shift my mentors shared with me to regain control of my mind and completely rejuvenate my confidence, mindset and energy.

These teachings transformed me in days.

And they saved me a TON of wrong turns, headaches, wasted money, and stress.

I’m sure they can do the same for you…

Because I’ve seen them work for with so many of clients.
Some who were in deep pain and going through serious challenges. Others who were going through heart-wrenching divorces and breakups. And some who were high-achieving, but still frustrated that weren’t living the lives they envisioned for themselves.

The point is… This has worked for people from all walks of life in all kinds of situations.

And because this game changing program is an on demand video program, you can go through it at your own pace, as many times as you'd like.

Are you ready to see the amazing things the 7-Day Confidence Masterclass can do for YOU?

Here’s Your Schedule for The Next 7 Days:

Introduction: Reconnecting With Your Natural Confidence

To kick things off, you’ll uncover why unlocking your natural confidence is a lot easier than most people think. The truth is… It doesn’t take months of “inner work”. And it’s not difficult. It's a process.  
Even better… It’s an easily repeatable process that will help you release the handbrake on your life and help you power towards the success that’s not only possible for you, but probable once you get your mindset right. And I'll show you how.

Day One: How to Transform Your Self Image to Unlock Your Natural Confidence

This lesson gives the framework for confidence that lasts. Most teaching on confidence and success is not only wrong but actually blocks most people from unlocking their natural confidence. Follow this simple framework and you unlock the natural confidence we were all born with.

Day Two: How to Let Go Of Limiting Beliefs

The stories we tell ourselves are incredibly powerful. Most people tell themselves limiting and disempowering stories. But those limitations aren't facts - they are assumptions, lies and illusions. In today’s lesson, I show how anyone can let go of these illusions so they can come face to face with their powerful, authentic self and release their full potential.

Day Three: Reprogram Your Self Talk for Confidence & Success

Next, we need to flip the stories most people tell themselves on their head to make them work FOR you not AGAINST you. We’ll go through how to reprogram your mind so that your self talk helps you and Andrew shares the powerful process to eradicate the sabotaging, negative thoughts that keep most people stuck and playing small. This lesson is a game-changer.

Day Four: How To Silence The "Inner Critic"

The negative thoughts that undermine and sabotage most people's confidence are created by our "inner critic". Learning how to control your mind and focus your thoughts is the foundational skill for confidence and success. In this lesson, I’ll equip you with a battle-tested method to tackle on negative thoughts head-on and think positively by default - no matter what’s going on around you.

Day Five: Become Unshakable - How to Deal With Criticism From Others

Fear of criticism and rejection gives others massive power over our lives. It can define our choices, how we act, and even what we say. Obviously, this isn’t helpful in achieving the success we want in life. So it’s imperative to be free from this prison that keeps so many people trapped. I'll share the blueprint for how to do this in today’s lesson.

Day Six: Developing Healthy Self-Love

Despite what most people think, self-love is crucial for success and confidence. Self-love is not arrogance or selfishness. It’s the highest form of love. Because when you love yourself, it pours over into the world. And in today’s lesson, I’m going to show how to break free from the lies and illusions surrounding self-love that block most people from experiencing unstoppable confidence and a positive, healthy and loving self-image.

Day Seven: Becoming Fearlessly Authentic

True confidence is the freedom to be 100% you. No “shape-shifting”, people-pleasing, or approval seeking. You speak your mind and act out of truth. That’s true confidence. Today, I’ll show you exactly how to achieve this.

PLUS, When You Join The 7-Day Confidence Masterclass Today, You’ll Receive These 

BONUS 1: The Confidence Blueprint

Get The Confidence Blueprint (eBook). This companion guide to the 7-Day Masterclass lays out the key strategies and techniques in a simple and easy quick start guide.

BONUS 2: Productivity Hacks

These are the top strategies and techniques I use to 10x my productivity and to accelerate my progress towards everything I desire to achieve in life. These simple to apply techniques will help you do more of what matters. 

BONUS 3: 20 Best Quotes For Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs

These are 20 of the most powerful, impactful and life-changing quotes and captions for breaking through limiting beliefs that I have posted on my Instagram account. I use many of these for daily reminders and inspiration.

BONUS 4: How to Deal With The Fear of Failure

The thought of failure makes most peoples’ knees quake. However, if you think back to when you were young, you were absolutely fearless in learning new skills, acquiring new attributes, and taking action in general. In this video, I’ll show you how to reconnect with that fearlessness so you can attack whatever task is standing in front of you with unrelenting force.

BONUS 5: How to Deal With The Fear of Rejection

Asking the boss for a raise, sharing feelings, approaching that person you want to talk to - fear of rejection stands in the way of these critical moments. In this video, I’ll show how to totally side-step the fear of rejection and be free to live a life unleashed.

BONUS 6: Unshakable Self Worth

Many people are held back by the belief that in some way they are not "enough". In this exclusive bonus lesson I'll share the powerful mental frameworks to achieve unshakeable self worth and a deep, powerful sense of being worthy and deserving of success.

And Don’t Forget! 
You’re Protected By My 100% Satisfaction Warranty!

If you apply what you learn in this course and you don’t see a significant improvement in your confidence, I will give you the $29 back!

Hundreds of Men and Women are Using the Strategies Inside of The 7-Day Confidence Masterclass With MASSIVE Success

Just finished working through the first module - so powerful and instantly transformative. This has been absolutely fantastic.

Joanna Daniela

Andrew's work has blessed me in so many ways and this training has impacted my life so much. Wow this is gold nuggets of wisdom!

Richard Ranson

Wow!!! Where to begin!! It's so simple and so profound. I'm blown away. There's SO MUCH HOPE - its so exciting. Thank-you Andrew for this transformational material. What a gift!

Loredana Zinca

Thank you Andrew!!! The information you're sharing is life changing. It is cutting through the last remnants of past challenges for me. I am loving the freedom to be truly me. 

Heather Thiessen

* Results cannot be guaranteed and results from individual testimonials are for information only. Your own results and personal experiences may differ to those shown on this site and depend upon a range of factors

All Of This For One Incredibly Low Price!

And You're Protected By My 100% Satisfaction Warranty!

Enroll in the 7-Day Confidence Masterclass right now for just:

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There’s Almost NOTHING to Lose and HEAPS of Success and Confidence to Gain Thanks to My Confidence Guarantee!

  • If you don’t agree that you’ve learned valuable techniques to unlock your natural confidence
  • If you don’t feel like you’ve gained the skills you need to tackle fear head-on...
  • If you don’t feel more full of energy, clear-headed and ready to step forward with confidence…
Then I don’t want you to feel like you have to keep something that isn’t working for you. Try all of the methods and techniques and step-by-step actions outlined in the guide for a whole 30 days.

If you don’t agree you’ve gotten at least $29 worth of value out of the course, tell me and I’ll issue you a prompt and cheerful refund on-the-spot.

The truth is, I know that these techniques will work for you as they have for hundreds of others.

All you have to do is follow them and make them a part of your life, one step at a time.

Are YOU Ready to 

Unlock Your FULL Confidence?

Rapid Results

You don’t have to become a master of meditation, or achieve enlightenment. This doesn’t take months of effort and practice. Anyone can use this simple but powerful process to unlock their natural confidence - fast.

Battle Tested Step By Step Blueprint Used by Over 5,000 people

 Thousands of people have achieved life-changing results with these techniques to step into the best versions of themselves.

100% Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back

I have seen these techniques work over and over throughout the years. So, I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. If you don’t get the results you expect, I offer a full 30 day refund and guarantee.

How Will Your Life Be Different When You Channel Your Natural Confidence and Success Mindset?

Imagine feeling calm, focussed and confident no matter what was happening

Imagine feeling ready to go after everything you want in life.

Imagine having that sense of calm certainty, knowing what to do and what decision to make.

Imagine just being 100% authentic and free without holding anything back.

Imagine going through life with a powerful, natural, unstoppable confidence.

It’s all possible -- starting today for only $29

With a FULL 100% Satisfaction Warranty!

About Canadian Lifestyle Coaching
Canadian Lifestyle Coaching was created in Canada for Canadians just like you. Steve Smaridge, the CEO and coach of the programs, is passionate about happiness and mental well-being as part of the health program.

That’s why Steve Smaridge focuses on consistency and positivity. Rather than striving for immediate success and perfection, Steve helps the people he coaches deal with their emotions surrounding the process and vault over any road blocks.

The Canadian Lifestyle Coaching program works for anyone, regardless of physical or mental ability. Why? Because it is customized to fit your goals in a way that makes sense.

If Steve had any words of advice for anyone starting their fitness and health journey? It would be to just take the first step and work with someone who understands every point of the journey and who can guide you down the right paths.



A: Most teaching on confidence and success starts from the wrong place - with the idea that you need to be 'fixed'. What I show you is that the journey is instead to unlearn the sabotaging, limiting ways of thinking that 99% of people get programmed with and that keep them stuck and playing small. When you let go of these programmed ways of thinking you unlock your natural confidence. This means you can transform your life quickly, without strain or massive effort.


A: The 7 Day Confidence masterclass is an on-demand video program. This means you can access the program at your own pace, when it's convenient for you and re-watch any lessons as often as you'd like.  


A: Absolutely! One of the core reasons why we procrastinate to begin with is because we fear the outcome. And where did that fear come from? It comes from being told, or programmed, as I call it, that we’re not good enough. Once you address those core causes, the need to procrastinate disappears


A: The Unstoppable Mindset is what I call the natural success and confidence mindset - the one we were all born with including you. It’s the only difference between You and the 1%. You can learn more about it at


A: I’m happy to help! Just email ( and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
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